About Joyce Sawyer

Joyce H. Sawyer

As a long standing political spouse, Joyce Sawyer, has supported her husband in more than thirty elections since 1976.  Joyce has been in the public eye through her husband’s career at the:

  • National level in Congress
  • State level- House of Representatives, Senate, and Board of Education
  • Local as the Mayor of Akron

Joyce has also been on the other end of the election process, winning the primary election for the Clerk of Courts position for the Akron Municipal Court. 

After 30 years as a middle school teacher and 38 years in politics, Joyce contends that being the spouse is the “hardest job in politics” and in the ground-breaking book,  Power Spousing offers advice, insight and encouragement to other spouses who are working hard to make someone else look good while maintaining their own identity in the process.

A native of New Jersey, many of Joyce’s “adventures with Tom Sawyer”, took place in their home state of Ohio where she resides now.  

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